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Honeycomb Hair Company is the perfect place for you to get your hair goals made in Kernersville, NC! Our one-of-a-kind professional stylists will make sure we satisfy all requirements, and our industry-leading level of customer care guarantees nothing less for you. We provide everything from haircuts to hair colors to special occasion styles and more. We are the greatest choice for ALL your beauty needs because of our convenient Kernersville location, which is the cherry on top.

We are the best in town when it comes to hair salon services in Kernersville, NC. Women, men, and children alike can get their locks styled with the latest trends from color applications all the way down to basic cuts! We also specialize in makeup application so you can look your absolute finest at any event that requires shine and glam.

At our Kernersville location, we offer high-quality style at affordable prices; plus, customer service is second to none! Everyone that visits our salon leaves feeling like a million bucks. They no longer go through the stress of worrying if their hair will look good for that upcoming function or date. This is the Hair Honeycomb Hair Company guarantee!

If you’re in the market for a new hairdo, then our salon has exactly what your locks are looking for. With so many fantastic hairstyles to choose from and experts working on bringing those hairstyles to life, you will certainly achieve that perfect look you so desire. Plus, our stylists can help you come up with a style that is unique to you; one that will make heads turn when you walk down the street.


Why You Need Honeycomb Hair Company

People looking for a Hair Salon Kernersville NC may now exhale with ease since Honeycomb Hair Company is rendering its services in Kernersville, NC! In addition to offering top-notch hair treatments, our facility also houses a manicure salon, so you may get your nails done after getting your hair styled. Self care day anyone?!

We are a full-service Hair Salon in Kernersville, NC, offering the latest in haircuts, hair color, texture services, and nail care. Our stylists have experience in all the latest trends and techniques. Whether you are looking for a new style or just a trim, we will take care of you.

Our highly skilled professionals will work hard throughout each process, from booking an appointment with us to giving you the desired look. We will effectively listen to your opinion so that no detail is overlooked when it comes time to leave looking & feeling great!

Healthy Looking Hair
During the course of providing you with that glamorous look, we will only be using the finest products available to get the job done. This is for your hair’s protection as well as to provide your hair with the shine and glow it deserves. Hair is our passion, so you can trust that you’re in good hands!

Convenient Location and Service Hours
Our company is located in a very accessible region in Kernersville, NC; this means that you’ll never have to drive far or get confused when you are looking for our salon. We are also open Tuesdays through Saturdays at very friendly working hours to ensure that no customer is left out.

We Provide Top Tier Service
We cherish each and every one of our customers and as such, we deal with only the best hair and nail products in the market. With us, you can be assured of a perfect job every time and eliminate any thought of harming your scalp or nails whenever we are carrying out our services.

We Have the Best Team Around
We know that going to a new salon can be quite scary and as such, our team has been trained to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. We will answer any questions that you may have and guide you through every step of the process to ensure that you are happy with the final results.

Nail Salon Kernersville NC

Nails are important too! At Honeycomb Hair Company, we want to make sure your nails complement the rest of your beauty, so we offer a wide variety of services for them as well. Whether you’re getting a simple polish change or going all out with a manicure and pedicure, our team of professionals will take care of you.

Honeycomb Hair Company is the superior destination for nails in Kernersville, NC. From natural to bold, simple to flashy, our talented technician will give you exactly what you’re looking for. Our salon provides a comfortable and relaxing environment so that you can sit back, enjoy, and let us do all the work.

If you’re not in the market for a new hairdo but are simply looking for a place to get your nails done, then look no further than Hair Honeycomb Hair Company. Our salon offers the best nail services in Kernersville, NC. From simple manicures and pedicures to more elaborate designs, our talented staff will have your nails looking their absolute best.

Walk-ins are always welcome but we recommend making an appointment to ensure that we can give you the time and attention you deserve. Give us a call today or book online on our website! We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your beauty goals.

From the moment you walk in, we make sure to meet your needs. We want every client leaving our salon to feel beautiful and confident with their new nails, hair color, or style! Our nail technicians are always on time for work so that they can provide top-notch customer service while attending carefully to whatever sessions you have booked for – because how YOU look impacts YOUR mood and confidence levels, which is why we must make sure you always look fabulous!

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