Still Have Questions?


If you have questions, we have answers! Check out some of the frequently asked questions below:

Any way you’d like to make an appointment is great! We have done our best to make it convenient for everyone! You can always call our salon to make your appointment or fill out the form on our site, whatever you prefer.

Hair usually grows about six inches a year but everyone is different! There are several things that could hinder your growth such as products, not getting regular trims, etc.

We completely understand that some things in life are out of all our control. However, any rescheduling or cancellation made within 24 hours of your appointment time will incur a 50% missed appointment fee. After 2 consecutive rescheduled appointments, we will require a 25% deposit with no refunds. We truly appreciate everyone’s understanding with this policy as we always want to accommodate our clients AND stylists!

If you’re looking for a color change, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re unsure of what color you’d like to go with, our stylists have a fantastic eye and will be able to come up with the perfect formula to give you hair that will compliment your skin tone, eyes, and personality!

When tape in extensions are applied and cared for properly, they can last for around six weeks.

We do! We offer makeup services for any occasion, as well as manicures and pedicures!

Permanent color typically lasts about 6-8 weeks but like semi permanent, there are many things you can do to extend the life of your color!

There are different factors that can affect hair extension pricing. Currently, we offer tape in extensions and pricing will vary based on the length, how many rows, the brand of hair, etc. Please contact our salon so we can get some information from you and we will be able to provide pricing!

Honeycomb Hair Company is located at 304 Randolph St. in Thomasville! Come see us!

Semi permanent color typically lasts about six weeks. You can extend the life of your color by washing in cold water, reducing the frequency of your washes, using professional products designed specifically for colored hair, color depositing shampoos and conditioners, and more! Ask your stylist what she recommends for your hair color specifically. 

We absolutely do fashion colors and love to!

Depending on whether you’d like to keep your hair the same length or have it grow a little bit, typically it’s suggested that you have a trim about every 6-8 weeks.

If your hair has low porosity, it means that it does not absorb products, treatments, or even water well. If you hair takes a little while to get wet or dry or you notice that when you put products in your hair, they’re staying on the surface and not being absorbed into the hair, you probably have low porosity.

There are so many of us that want more voluminous hair! There are several techniques you can use to create volume while styling such as teasing hair or moving it from side to side when drying. There are also tons of products on the market that may help you get more volume. Ask your stylist and they’ll be able to recommend the perfect things for your hair!